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This is what the PNP’s anti-drug campaign is called. The reloaded war continues to face some familiar challenges. Answer Wiki. Etymology[edit]. Rather than encouraging vigilante justice against them, Duterte has also granted personal audiences to drug trade figures of higher stature. FRAMEWORK• Described as the abstract, logical structure of meaning that guide the development of the study. YOU ARE KILLED” EXTRAJUDICIAL EXECUTIONS IN THE 3. tokhang (of a law enforcer) to knock on a suspected drug trafficker or drug addict's home to persuade them to surrender and stop their illegal activities Oplan Tokhang is conducted only from Monday to Friday, 8 a. Plan Identification Number (PID) Operation plans are prepared in either complete or concept format. Senator Joseph Victor “JV” Ejercito today called on the Philippine National Police (PNP) to implement the latest operational guidelines for the relaunched double barrel or “Oplan Tokhang” “to the letter. OIC Bacarra MPS conducted OPLAN TOKHANG and revisitation to Drug Surrenderees of this Municipality. Rappler stories provide perspective, inspire community engagement, smart conversations & action for social change “Oplan Tokhang” or Operation Tokhang is a contraction of the Visayan words “Toktok” (knock) and “Hangyo” (request). Where police personnel knocks the doors of an alleged drug user or pusher, asking him/her that he/she will surrender to the police in order that they will be monitored for further assessment. Pacion Ivan Kenneth L. The CONPLAN can be published with or without a time-phased force and deployment data (TPFDD) file. From tuktok +‎ hangyo, from Oplan Tokhang (Oplan Tuktok-hangyo). To better understand it, let us review a bit of recent history. ” Oplan Double Barrel is the PNP's campaign against high-value drug targets, which resulted in killings of drug suspects. ”. And also because of the Oplan tokhang the pushers or the drug users were given a change Answers. However, the PNP chief clarified that situations wherein lives of operatives are under imminent threat may result in the death of a suspect. gov. Gated communities in Manila, for example, can provide certification from homeowners’ associations that they are drug-free, which is enough to dissuade police officers from pursuing Tokhang activities. So that they can also kick down doors without search warrants, and shoot up people in their beds while they sleep, not only in just poor areas, but also in posh rich areas. "dannnnggg" 4 na "n" it means s h a r Yung tatlong g means ily (i love you) #tokhang . ph) The PROJECT TOKHANG is a practical and realistic means of accelerating the drive against illegal drugs in affected barangays in the 6th  Jun 27, 2018 As the city's police chief between 2012 and 2013 Mr dela Rosa implemented his " Oplan Tokhang" - "knock and plead" - anti-drug campaign that  Jun 1, 2017 My definition of public safety revolves around the protection of The lower barrel approach is coined as operation plan (oplan) Tok-hang,  Oplan Tokhang Thesis Paper, UP Diliman - Download as Word Doc (. an active defender of the rights and welfare of OFWs. Oplan Tokhang which was first developed in Davao City Police Office (DCPO) by then Police City Director Police Senior Supt Ronald Dela Rosa was intended to speed up drug-problem solution by visiting houses of the illegal drug personalities and asking them to stop the illicit acts. Dela Rosa promised that the police would now be on their best behavior. The Oplan Double Barrel or Tokhang is the PNP’s controversial campaign against illegal drugs, which led to thousands of deaths of suspected drug users and peddlers. The resumption of Oplan Tokhang and Oplan Double Barrel will come under closer scrutiny, as a group of lawyers and a network of churches have joined forces to help those who will be targeted next by the controversial antidrug campaigns of the Duterte administration. American law has offered a definition of EJK in section 3a of the United States Torture Victim P The supported commander's _____ gives the Service components, supporting commands, and agencies a detailed OPLAN, and it formally tasks those involved to prepare for the operation. The policemen who will be part of the anti-drug operations or the so-called “tokhangers” will undergo training and seminars with their regional directors based on the orders of the Directorate for Operations. The Oplan Tokhang has been quite successful due to the number of drug users and pushers surrendering to the authority. As an intervention to this problem, the OPLAN Kabataan Palangga Kang Kapulisan was formulated in June 20114 aimed to address the criminal incidents committed by children; to make these children discover their individual strengths;to develop and expose children to be responsible individuals in their respective communities; and to project the children as the future and hope of the nation. Get your shit together, Corinthian In the former, tokhang is a noun, a matter of fact, while in the latter, tokhang is a verb, an act that shall be executed to save the cosmos from itself, a death sentence to the universe suspected of drug abuse. An ungrateful person. Voluntarily signing a document which says your a drug addict is an admissions of guilt. IMO Oplan Tokhang is just institutionalized police harassment preying on the poor and uneducated. Lanzaga Radel C. Feb 5, 2018 the generally peaceful implementation of Oplan Tokhang 2 across the The DILG Chief reiterated his call that double salary means double  (http://pdea. ’’ There is, indeed, a crime that goes by the name of “extrajudicial killing” or EJK. Duterte, in a memorandum signed on October 10, tasked the PDEA to conduct anti-illegal drug operations "against all those who directly or indirectly, and in whatever manner or capacity, are involved in or connected with illegal drugs. Holidays are fun essay language essay lpdp 2018 dokter easy afrikaans essay biology essay on green planet game health history essay writing essay on youth issues. Laughable, it added, is the claim that the drug campaign adheres to the rule of law and respect for human rights. Jan 28, 2018 What you need to know about Oplan Tokhang. But now it means something else. Ang Kampanya laban sa iligal na droga sa Pilipinas, na kilala rin bilang Oplan Tokhang (mula sa salitang Cebuano na tuktok o katok at hangyo o manghimok) at Oplan Double Barrel, ay isang digmaan laban sa droga noong Ika-1 ng Hulyo, 2016 mula nang umupo bilang pangulo ang dating alkalde ng Dabaw na si Rodrigo Duterte. Chapter 6-THEORETICAL & CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK 1. One who makes a surrender; as when the tenant gives up the estate and cancels his lease before the expiration of the term; one who yields up a freehold estate for the purpose of conveying it. MANILA, Philippines – Philippine National Police Chief Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa clarified on the program ‘Get it Straight with Daniel Razon’ that the term “neutralize” does not only mean killing when used to refer to enemies of the law. With the media no longer ‘Tokhang-forransom, epekto ng drug war’ Balita - 2017-01-28 - Pangunahin­g Pahina - Mario Casayuran, Genalyn Kabiling at Francis Wakefield Nagpahayag ng suporta kahapon si Sen. Relaunch of Oplan Tokhang to be ‘bloodless’ Controversy and bloody police operations that revolved around Oplan Tokhang prompted the Duterte Administration and the Philippine National Police (PNP) to temporary halt the said operation against drug users. Police and barangay officials visit illegal drugs personalities in various barangays in Tarlac City as part of the national government’s Oplan TokHang. Cebuano[edit]. Migrante International. PERFORMANCE OF THE PHILIPPINE NATIONAL POLICE IN THE IMPLEMENTATION OF “OPLAN TOKHANG” IN 6th DISTRICT PROVINCE OF CAVITE Charlene B. " MANILA – Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Ronald dela Rosa on Tuesday said authorities are aiming to round up at least 1. The National Union of People’s Lawyers (NUPL) and Rise Up for… “The relaunch of the police and Duterte administration’s Oplan Tokhang, after being suspended twice in 2017, is a tacit admission that there is something fundamentally wrong with these policies regarding the drug war,” she said. From tuktok + hangyo, from Oplan Tokhang ( Oplan Tuktok-hangyo). Hyphenation: tok‧hang. Others view it as a “shakedown” while many more see Oplan TokHang (Toktok Hangyo or Knock and Appeal) as an effective grassroots strategy by the Duterte administration to verify, profile and On Jan. Its goal is noble, yet it's important to know your rights in case you get subjected to such operations. The Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) agreed not to push through with their plan to implement the Oplan Tokhang drop box system to gather anonymous tips and complaints about the government’s war against drugs. Ang proyektong Tokhang ay hango sa salitang Cebuano na Toktok-Hangyo o ang ibig sabihin ay katok at pakiusap, sa pamamagitan nito ay nagbabahay-bahay ang mga pulis para magbigay babala sa maaring drug users at pushers. May 25, 2018 Earlier this year, Rodrigo Duterte, the President of the Philippines decided to relaunch the anti-drug campaign known as “Oplan Tokhang”. Mar 7, 2017 According to the Chief PNP, aside from authorized PNP personnel and Barangay officials, all “Tokhang” operations should be well-coordinated  Looking for online definition of OPLAN or what OPLAN stands for? OPLAN is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of  Jul 19, 2016 WHAT IS PROJECT DOUBLE BARREL (OPLAN TOKHANG)? The "PROJECT TOKHANG" is a practical and realistic means of accelerating the  See Tweets about #tokhang on Twitter. Read the latest Rappler news articles about Oplan TokHang. Oplan Tokhang is a project of the current president, Rodrigo Duterte under his “War on Drugs campaign. ingrate synonyms, ingrate pronunciation, ingrate translation, English dictionary definition of ingrate. It is commonly defined as a killing committed by an agent of the state without the sanction of a judicial proceeding. An Operation Plan in Complete Format (OPLAN) is an operation plan for the conduct of joint operations that can be used as a basis for development of an OPORD. PNP completes new “Oplan Tokhang” guidelines. Length of georgetown essay undergraduate. to 5 p. That is scary to many people. " surrenderor. m. Mariing tinutulan ng Department of Education (DepEd) ang posibilidad ng pagpapatupad ng “Oplan Tokhang” o ang operasyon kontra droga ng Philippine National Police’s (PNP) upang Junior high school teacher na tulak ng droga, huli sa loob ng paaralan It also noted that surrenderers not only have to execute an undertaking, Oplan Tokhang makes subjects sign a waiver that allows state agents to take a urine sample and use the test results "for any legal purpose it may serve. The operation will be led by the deputy chief of police, together with members of the BADAC and media. Prior to planning for operations in support of the JFC OPLAN a briefing is presented to the planning staff concerning the environmental conditions, layout of adversarial forces and their relationship with rual communities and leaders, as well as the history of relationships between the local population and foreigners. New search features Acronym Blog Free tools "AcronymFinder. The knock-and-plead operations specifically land on the "lower barrel" of the campaign, popularly known as Oplan TokHang, where cops visit the homes of suspected drug personalities to ask them to The Philippine National Police (PNP) is back to hunting down drug suspects through “Oplan Tokhang,” but this time, the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) and the National Police Commission (Napolcom) said anti-drugs operations will be conducted under strict guidelines to prevent unwarranted deaths and to make police accountable for excesses. Operation plans are prepared in either a complete format (OPLAN) or as a concept plan (CONPLAN). a. As of March 21, there have been at least 6,299 reported deaths outside police operations. Complete plans include deployment/employment phases, as appropriate. “It should not continue bacause it has caused thousands to be killed without due process and many innocents have perished in the course of the campaign,” giit ng CHR. Oplan RODY (Rid the Streets of Drunkards and Youths); and c. The PNP assures that the relaunch of its anti illegal drugs campaign will be less bloody. The Philippine National Police (PNP) boasts of the reduced number of deaths in the Oplan Double Barrel Reloaded campaign which it said is lower than the previous anti-drug campaign. n an ungrateful person adj ungrateful ˈingrately adv n. Sa isang pahayag, sinabi ng CHR na hindi dapat ibalik ang marahas na Oplan Tokhang dahil ito ang sanhi ng pagkamatay ng maraming tao sa ilalim ng kampanya kontra droga. Definition of OPLAN in Military and Government. Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief Director General Ronald dela Rosa warned the celebrities who are suspected to be involved in illegal drugs that they, too, are going to be subjected to Oplan Toktok Hanyu or Oplan Tokhang (knock and plead). OPLAN TOKHANGOplan Tokhang is a word in Visaya which means police officers . • As Oplan Tokhang is about to be resumed, surrenderers will be expected which will add up to the current large gap between the number of drug users needing intervention and the availability of treatment and rehabilitation services at the I-GU level,hence, it is extremely necessary to provide available, affordable and accessible services within In the context of the police using OPLAN (Operation Plan) Tokhang, it means to knock door-to-door and politely request to investigate a dwelling of illegal drugs and paraphernalia. Photo by: Dax Simbol. Business Plan: A business plan is a written document that describes in detail how a business, usually a new one, is going to achieve its goals. It is a specific campaign that coordinates law enforcement. 18, the Philippine National Police spokesperson gave an update: Since the national “tokhang” plan went into effect (it is officially known as Oplan Double Barrel), the police have visited some 6 million houses, and processed over 1 million surrenderers. When I say, “neutralize that,” I mean for the operatives to go and arrest. Even robbers and murderers fail to flee, which led to policemen arresting them and giving justice to the family of the victims. Tibayan An undergraduate thesis manuscript presented to the faculty of the Department of Criminal Justice, Cavite State University Indang, Cavite in partial fulfillment of the requirements for graduation with degree of Ang proyektong Tokhang ay hango sa salitang Cebuano na Toktok-Hangyo o ang ibig sabihin ay katok at pakiusap, sa pamamagitan nito ay nagbabahay-bahay ang mga pulis para magbigay babala sa maaring drug users at pushers. The name of the Philipppines’ Oplan Tokhang is derived from the Cebuano “Toktok-Hangyo” meaning “knock and plead (make a polite request to surrender or stop using drugs). DEFINITION OF TERMS 3. The Positive Definition of MARTIAL LAW - Mr. You do have a Right Against Self Incrimination. . The policy is supported by the majority of the local population, as well as by leaders or representatives of certain countries such as China, Japan and the United States. Risa Hontiveros sa giyera ng administra­syong Duterte laban sa paglaganap ng droga, “but it must do it legally and not at the expense of human rights. It scares the minorities and people who are poor who use drugs as an escape from hunger or who sell drugs to buy food and basic needs BUT not the drug-lords who are rich and can twist the justice system. The good effect is that the drug users will lessen most of them were put in rehabilitation center to have a chance to change for the better. At the start of 2018, the government re-launched Oplan Tokhang under new guidelines that were meant to ensure better transparency, but nobody really knows their impact. These papers require a close reading of the text that goes beyond the surface meaning. Oplan tokhang argumentative essay japanese by on setembro 26, 2018 in Oplan tokhang argumentative essay japanese A perfect essay examples ucla i love us essay outlines, a essay about innovations kitchen energy essay topic upsc 2018 the time management essay life ppt problems in family essay very easy Gen. HISTORY Oplan tokhang essay english online Essay about animals life general yale som essay analysis video narrative essay road trip short short essays body writing my favorite dream essay personality essay about my home garden essay about sunset volleyball positive peer pressure essay give my ideal town essay spouse essay trimmer xp, my day today essay forget essay on wonders youtube. Top OPLAN acronym meaning: Operation Plan Philippine Drug War = Oplan Tokhang? Is Oplan Tokhang THE overall campaign against illegal drugs or is it just a major component of the Philippine war on drugs? I'm more inclined to think its the latter since this article mentions another operation or oplan called Oplan Galugad. oplan tokhang unconstitutional tokhang victims list tokhang victims number tokhang. OPLAN — An operation plan for the conduct of joint operations that can be used as a basis for development of an operation order (OPORD). Oplan Tokhang goes to Loyola villas Treasurer and Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships Curtis Pitt said the Hammond Island residential subdivision would go a long way in delivering more housing options and address issues of overcrowding in the isolated communities of the Torres Strait. Advantage of PH Oplan Tokhang: 1. Pronunciation[edit]. The triumph of tokhang, Angeles said, is for every Filipino who is choosing to fight against human rights violations, especially poor Filipinos in the context of the war on drugs. Menu Search. “Oplan Tokhang” (Toktok-Hangyo), which aimed to personally talk to those involved in illegal drugs convincing them to stop and surrender to authorities for investigation, verification and rehabilitation, has been seen effective for more and more suspected drug users and pushers are turning themselves to the police. Verb[edit]. Is Oplan Tokhang constitutional? Update Cancel. No Answers Yet. ph 2. This was his response to the petition of the Free In the context of the police using OPLAN (Operation Plan) Tokhang, it means to knock door-to-door and politely request to investigate a dwelling of illegal drugs and paraphernalia. Philippine Drug War. Posts Tagged ‘PNP’s Oplan Tokhang’ Gen. The government's top lawyer vowed on Thursday that his office would "faithfully abide" by the Supreme Court's order to release documents related to “Oplan Tokhang,” the anti-narcotics operations linked to deaths of drug suspects. It's fast and free! YOU ARE KILLED” EXTRAJUDICIAL EXECUTIONS IN THE 3. Suspected drug users. OPLAN TOKHANG is a visayan word which means Tok-tok Hangyo. Too many drug pushers, users and innocents been killed last year. vom tokhang vegas oplan tokhang violates human rights oplan tokhang video tokhang music video tokhang word of the With Oplan TokHang in full swing, the government is all-out in getting rid of the proliferation of illegal substances in the country. Earlier, the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced that they have planned to hire some 500 prosecutors to deal with the backlog of cases, though it was not evident in Northern Mindanao as said by Umpa. What is the definition of oplan banat? Oplan Banet had to do with the war against illegal drugs and drug traffickers in the Philippines. What is the abbreviation for Operation Plan? What does OPLAN stand for? OPLAN abbreviation stands for Operation Plan. Hariboneagle927 08:28, 8 December 2016 (UTC) Answers. A project of Philippine National Police (PNP). The problem about crimes is still increasing even a national law enforcement project was implemented all over the country, The “Oplan Tokhang”. BACKGROUND: With the pronouncement of His Excellency Rodrigo R Duterte, President of the Republic of the Philippines, to eradicate illegal drugs during the first six months of his Presidential term, the PNP is now concentrating its efforts in the fight against illegal drugs. 8 million drug dependents nationwide under ''Oplan Tokhang" (Knock and Plead). These individuals are compelled to report to their nearby police station, confess their alleged crimes, and sign declarations pledging to mend their ways. Disadvantage of PH Oplan Tokhang: 1. The Philippines’ War on Drugs Is Really a War on the Poor. Nearly one-third of the elementary and junior high curricula will be eliminated with deep cuts in all major subjects. “Tokhang,” following its definition should be non-aggressive but pro-active anti-drug campaign, the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) said in a statement. Updated May 2019. Under the program, which was launched simultaneously nationwide last July 1, the police, the local government units and barangay officials will visit the houses of drug users and then will try to convince them to surrender for rehabilitation. Ito ang tawag sa kampanya ng Philippine National Police kontra droga. ” Below is an account of the calls and visits PCIJ made to check on the status of its request for information. My new friend essay dog 12th essay english video. Related Questions. Riyoh - Duration: 8:39. by raising public awareness on their plight and providing a critical analysis of the Philippine government’s labor export policy program as the main factor responsible for the commodification of Filipino workers. For the third time since 2016, the Philippine government has relaunched the controversial anti-drug campaign, known locally as Oplan Tokhang, amid continuing concern that the police-led operations have led to massive human rights abuses. (OKTUBRE 29)— “Tokhang” ang hinirang na salita ng taon matapos makakuha ng mataas na boto mula sa mahigit 100 delegado na dumalo sa “Sawikaan 2018: Pambansang Kumperensiya sa Salita ng Taon,” noong Okt. Foreign drug cartels: Sinaloa Cartel; Chinese Triads  Oplan Tokhang is simply Operational Plan “Tutok Hangyo” rolled out by the Tokhang is a word in Bisaya meaning “to approach and talk”. Riyoh Channel 42,782 views Sa isang pahayag, sinabi ng CHR na hindi dapat ibalik ang marahas na Oplan Tokhang dahil ito ang sanhi ng pagkamatay ng maraming tao sa ilalim ng kampanya kontra droga. 24 sa UP Diliman (UPD) Institute of Biology Auditorium. Answers. Hyphenation: tok‧hang; Verb . didm. You must respond to implied ideas, and elaborate, evaluate, and analyze the author's purpose and main points. A business plan lays out a written plan from a Local-based drug dealers, distributors: Bahala Na Gang · Kuratong Baleleng. What does OPLAN stand for? All Acronyms has a list of 6 OPLAN definitions. Theoretical Framework and Conceptual Framework may be represented as models:• A model is a symbolic representation that helps the researcher to express abstract concepts and relationships easily, using minimal words. HISTORY Invoking a resurgence in illegal drug activities and related crimes as rationale for the relaunch, it said, proves that Oplan Tokhang and Oplan Double Barrel were ineffective after more than a year of implementation. The name is derived from a phrase meaning “knock and plead” in Cebuano,  Sep 28, 2016 This slide is all about Oplan Tokhang in the Philippines. pnp. Advantages= people can stop drugs but maybe they will go back to try but in my place people can stop when there Rehabilitated in the prison DisAdvantages= the police will maybe have Mistaken identities in the person . It's like the Gestapo knocking on your door. Dela Rosa told a Senate committee inquiry that this figure is based on the data of the Dangerous Drugs Board. • A model can be represented schematically or mathematically. Under the guidelines, teams will visit only the houses of personalities listed on the drugs watchlist. Theoretical and Conceptual Framework 2. Because Oplan tokhang had a good and bad effect in the community and the people in the community. Definition EXORD Chapter 2 Review of Related Literature Foreign Literature The major curricular reform will occur in an attempt to make schools more flexible and responsive to individual student needs. 1 OPLAN TOKHANG (OPERATION KNOCK AND PLEAD) 19 These operations do not fit the definition of an armed A reaction paper is not just a paper where you express your opinion. com. Mr. Pronunciation . The teams will be allowed to talk only with the house owners or drug personalities themselves outside the residence unless they are invited into the house. What is Constitutional amendment? Objecy of the constitutional amendments? The key factor that has changed is that the so-called Operation Tokhang (“knock and plead”) is now being conducted on a nationwide scale. The term, a combination of “toktok” or to knock and Visayan word “hangyo” or to plead, was coined by former PNP chief Ronald Dela Rosa. doors of suspected drug pushers, Oplan Tokhang became something else  Nov 26, 2018 The first phase in 2016, called Oplan Tokhang, was executed ruthlessly and … : Clusters of meaning derived from significant statements … Jan 24, 2018 Oplan Tokhang (knock and plead), the controversial anti-illegal drugs campaign, This means that Oplan Double Barrel can be conducted on  24 Ene 2018 Carlos said according to the "Oplan Tokhang" guidelines, from the Cebuano words "Toktok" and "Hangyo" meaning "knock" and "plead," is  12 Hul 2016 Ang proyektong Tokhang ay hango sa salitang Cebuano na Toktok-Hangyo o ang ibig sabihin ay katok at pakiusap, sa pamamagitan nito ay  Mar 2, 2017 [75] However, the “Operation Double Barrel Project Tokhang” also had a more or threats, or any other means of audiovisual communication. Duterte has urged members of the public to kill suspected criminals and drug addicts. n. Operation Tokhang is now in full swing, Philippines the exclusive Makati subdivision's participation in Oplan Tokhang. DUMAGUETE CITY—The police here have assured they will only visit the homes of suspected drug personalities based on a validated list from higher headquarters under the reloaded “Oplan Tokhang Oplan Tokhang is the Philippine National Police’s (PNP) nationwide program against illegal drugs. It means the precinct commander will be relieved from post if even only one of his tokhangers  Feb 6, 2018 the Philippine government has relaunched the controversial anti-drug campaign, known locally as Oplan Tokhang, amid continuing concern  Apr 14, 2018 With the constitutionality of Oplan Tokhang under scrutiny in the Supreme Court, it is essential to recognize that the foundations of Oplan  Jan 24, 2018 The antidrugs campaign known as “Oplan Tokhang” will be longer, with the PNP itself changing its definitions in the course of the campaign;  Nov 5, 2018 The word “tokhang” may have been coined to convey a positive initiative to that “tokhang” also means death during an anti-illegal drug operation. Tokhang was actually derived from the Visayan terms “toktok” (knock) and “hangyo” (plea). The operation sees police officers visit suspects whose names have been drawn from lists of drug suspects provided by barangay, or village, officials. Dela Rosa explains definition of “neutralization” in police operations. Dela Rosa explains definition of “neutralization” in police operations Posted on Wednesday, 29 November 2017 03:55 PM | No Comments Define ingrate. This is why they need the suspension of the writ of habeas corpus. It scares the people who are using and selling drugs. Oplan TOKHANG (Toktok-Hangyo). “Oplan Tokhang” to Greatly Reduce Number of Drug-Related Cases Reaching Prosecution. ” “Police whims” is a strange explanation for the violent conduct of the first stages of Oplan Tokhang. “It depends on the situation. Create your citations, reference lists and bibliographies automatically using the APA, MLA, Chicago, or Harvard referencing styles. “We will make sure and continue to make sure that police will do the true tokhang, not one that is vulnerable to police whims. doc Abuse” (1995), drug addiction defined as the continuous compulsive use of a  Apr 29, 2019 He stressed that it should be understood that Oplan Tokhang is obscured the well-meaning intentions to Tokhang and associated it with  Dec 7, 2016 in antidrug operations the government calls Project Tokhang. 1 OPLAN TOKHANG (OPERATION KNOCK AND PLEAD) 19 These operations do not fit the definition of an armed Oplan Tokhang is a visayan word which means Tok-tok Hangyo, where police personnel knocks the doors of a legged drug user or pusher, asking him/her that he/she will surrender to the police in order that they will be monitored for further assessment. ” Duterte during his campaigns at the election season promised to eradicate drugs in the Philippines in 3 to 6 months. The breakdown: From July 1, 2016 to March 24, 2017, at least 2,609 drug suspects have been killed in what the PNP classifies as legitimate police operations under Oplan Double Barrel Alpha and its revived program, allegedly for resisting arrest. What does OPLAN stand for? Printer friendly. definition of oplan tokhang