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LATEX STAIN Most paint manufacturers offer stains in both latex and oil. If this happens, dip a cotton bud into some clean white spirit and use it to swab out the dents. RON HAZELTON: Now this is a new, unfinished pine corner cabinet and rather than paint or stain in a solid The products that have made Minwax® an American icon will add color and beauty to your wood—in oil or water-based stains. It was a good playing CBS strat because it was strung upside down for a long-fingered lefty that was touched by the hand of god. (I will be using a plank instead of plywood. OR mix with alcohol for a fast-drying, non-grain raising stain. While Semi-Solid Stains provide greater opacity, they still highlight the natural texture of wood and provide a deep-penetrating, flat finish. While waiting on the product I did contact Keda's customer service with questions on water based, and oil based applications and what order Wood dye from Keda Dyes can make 5 quarts of liquid wood stain dye, in 5 exotic wood dye colors per kit. Specialty Lacquer Spray Paint adds an ultra-hard, factory-like finish to furniture. iStock/Sezeryadigar. I had done a number of trans/candy finishes through the years, but white, give me a break. Some stain will be left behind but the guitar will look cleaner. It was produced using the granadillo finger board. Gently rub the Olympic® MAXIMUM® Stain + Sealant in One Solid is rated 4. Open box. The Gibson TV Yellow color looks nice, but I was hoping for more of an Alpine White tone if that's possible (which is probably closer to Ivory anyway). All white + maple = church guitar and espresso [ + contents of dirty ashtray] > herbal tea By doing this, you will allow the tint of the color to remain in the pores of the wood while wiping away any excess drip marks which would indicate that paint was used rather than stain. To darken the color, apply more of the acrylic paint in another coat and then wipe again. Spilling turmeric on clothing or fabric rapidly dyes the clothing a bright yellow. I'm already thinking about my next project. Satin, Semi-gloss, gloss? Choose the right sheen for your interior wood surfaces. white vinegar and steel wool stain on pine: a rich brown color. I've been researching different ways to accomplish a white stain look on a naked mahogany guitar. 29. Get a spectacular finish on your guitars with a ColorTone stain by StewMac™. *These colors are Custom Tint and will require tinting by the retailer. It will display this magic only on an open grained wood. Before you give up all hope of ever getting that yellow sweat stain out of your good white dress shirt, try this: Crush two aspirins and mix the powder in 1/2 cup Staind tabs, chords, guitar, bass, ukulele chords, power tabs and guitar pro tabs including believe, cant believe, all i want, could it be, a flat Stain Colors. Stain #1 – #4 applied on pecan or walnut wood. (3) Read 3 reviews for this product | Rate and review this product You searched for: guitar wood stain! Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind products and gifts related to your search. You might not want to practice on a guitar you love, just in case it goes horribly wrong! When caring for a guitar, your first line of defense is to wipe down its neck, strings, and body after you play. To help even out the color when working with bare woods, you can try using a pre-stain wood conditioner. When the time is up, blot the white-out stain with a clean cloth until the stain is completely removed. The only thing I can think of is that the stain + poly was quite old (couple years) and totally separated when I opened the can. Yes, you can paint over stained wood. 3. This rising legendary 5 color wood staining kit contains the rich, and vibrant primary dye colors of Black, Blue, Brown, Red, and Yellow, per every wood dye stain kit. Create an ombre effect with Varathane stain and tips from Katie Bower of Bower Power (2:59) Katie Bower shows you how to create a beautiful ombre effect on the back of a book case. It is pigment, like used in paint, but with much much much less pigment so you are not getting enough build to block out the wood. Find great deals on eBay for guitar paint stain. But the original finish on this guitar was definitely the later, lighter white-blonde that Fender began using in the mid-‘50s, and it had aged over time. Our interior wood finishing systems offer an unbeatable selection of colors and rich, thick formulas. The disadvantages of stain vs paint are: Fewer color choices. Very Good · Jackson Strat Style 2010?? Blue. + Items in search results. Cannot be applied over painted surfaces. ) My last build was a trans white Strat. It's an easy way to play this great song by Staind. How to Make a Pickled or White Wash Finish. 4. Scorpion Yankee Rose with Painted Neck Custom Built In Ed Roman's Custom Shop. ), just not crazy about the rosewood fretboard (should be ebony as it would look much better IMO) on this model which is white body, black hardware, black/white humbuckers (to be changed), black headstock, neck is maple. With Minwax® wood stains, there’s a color to suit every style. I hope you like it. 2. (See our handy stain mixing cups and pipettes. Apply a thin layer of Vaseline over the surface of the white water stain with the sponge. This fills the pores with white, and allows the grain to show through. Apply laundry detergent directly to the spot if the stain is still present. White Limba (Africa) White Limba, also known as korina, is an exotic medium-light weight wood grown in tropical western Africa. If you do want to use a water based stain, I suggest filling the grain with a darker water based filler first. Removing stains from pure ivory keys with natural acids. No waiting or straining is necessary because the dye is pre-dissolved. Dye Stain Reducer is the clear base we use when manufacturing General Finishes Dye Stain and can be used to make custom Dye Stain colors and for tonin Water Based Pre-Stain Conditioner Water Based Pre-Stain Conditioner is a formula similar to our water-based stains without the colorant Semi-Solid Stain. A fantastic and versatile product. You'll read why in the next step. Most orders are eligible for free shipping! How To: Remove Water Stains from Wood Those white, cloudy rings on your wood furniture don't have to stay there forever. Stain Method: Most individuals when looking for a black finish will simply go to the hardware store and select a black stain. Hi all: I have a one year old Gibson Les Paul Studio in white. balsamic vinegar and steel wool stain on pine: a warm gray with a gold tone. However, if you catch the stain early and act fast, it can be possible minimize the stain or even remove it entirely using one (or all) of the methods in this article. The conditioner works by penetrating and temporarily sealing the wood to even out the rate of absorption, thereby creating a much more uniform stain coat. Just to name a few: pigmented lacquer, white pickling stain, white stamp ink added to poly, stamp ink added to linseed oil, the wipe-on wipe-off stain (with white pigment), etc. Tea Staining: Think that staining wood means stinky lacquers, rubber gloves, and long drying times? Think again! I'll show you how to stain wood to look weathered and old, with nothing more than household items, and with results achieved in a fraction of the ti Don't think that "white stain" will do what you are looking for I mean, there's "whitewash" or "pickling stain", and Minwax makes something called "winter white", but I'm not sure that it will look like much because that body looks like pine or alder, and the grain contrast just isn't there. The Do’s and Dont’s of Staining Maple Cabinet Doors will help you finish your cabinet order from The Door Stop. Guitar Shop 101: Safe Ways to Clean Your Guitar's Finish | Premier Guitar I'm considering getting an inexpensive guitar as a beater and to practice my limited modification skills (new pickups, maybe split coil switches, new pots, etc. Had I been using a faster drying water-based, lacquer or dye stain on such a large object, I would have had a second person following closely behind my application wiping off. Apply Old Masters Spanish Oak Wiping Stain. But you can do it yourself, making beautiful, old-looking guitar bodies, necks and fittings with a little confidence, creativity and the right wood finishing materials. PRS Style Explorer Body For Bill Gibbons Back In The 80's Have Version in stock at this time. With age this clear top coat begins to turn yellow. no way to capture the flawless overall fit and finish of the guitar itself, or the quality and the components or the sound of the pickups or the sustain that seems to last forever. You can create your own palette of colours. Sorry, the Before & After: Mid Century Modern Credenza with a Glossy White Top. As usual, raise the grain and sand it back before applying the water based stain. Unlike off-the-shelf hardware store stains, they're formulated for guitar finishing. The first step in making your DIY Steel Wool and Vinegar Stain is to add a pad of the 0000 super fine steel wool into a mason jar. With Sherwin-Williams stain colors, you can let the natural wood shine through, match grain colors or cover unsightly blemishes. After all, if the shop was really in a hurry it can just spray the color coat right over the Alder without any preparation paint (if need be). When first released as a single in 1967, it reached number 19 on the UK Singles Chart and number 103 in the United States in 1968. Wipe it on   My white shirt got stained with a leather backpack and I first put chlorine and it didn't work, then on one side I put vinegar and nothing and on  Sep 6, 2014 The two most common coloring agents in stain are pigment and dye, and they . there was no way for a photo to capture the richness of the orange stain finish over such a beautiful piece of wood. Choose an option below to learn more about how stain colors help create design harmony throughout your home. It is a stain, but it is a pigment stain not a dye stain. Generally you will only stain the body. TV Yellow was developed by Gibson in the early '50s to allow a "white" guitar to be played under the intense light required for black and white TV without the color overpowering the camera. A Transparent finish can be just simply clear coat over wood, or it can be a transparent color over wood. Here, finishers discuss how to get the best results with it. My son has been playing it and theres a reddish stain on the top front edge of the lower bout (presumably from the inside of his right arm/shirt). This DIY Les Paul guitar kit purchased from eBay included a very nice Spalted Maple top on a solid Mahogany body. Guitar Finishing and Refinishing Several factors determine the cost of finish work on stringed instruments: MATERIALS : We work exclusively with nitrocellulose lacquer as the clear coat over any color coat or stain, sometimes using compatible acrylics for color coats, but always nitro for the top clear coat. No need for tea or coffee! 2. $18. You may also . This finish creates a hard  This truly is a stand-out red stain! Not only is this as tempting and luscious as the red apple Snow White herself bit into, but your guitar will be too! Guitar kits are usually shaped raw wood so staining and finishing is pretty straightforward. This stuff kind of rubs away, but not entirely. Enjoy the lowest prices and best selection of 6 String Jackson Guitars at Guitar Center. The more coats you add, the darker the stain will become. . Limba is related to mahogany, and has similar tonal characteristics with warmth and resonance, along with excellent sustain. I want to try this on a brand new swamp ash guitar body. Rated 1 out of 5 by Binz from Barely 3 years!! ***Never get 10 years out of this!!!***Bought the special deck cleaner and treated the deck before I stained it just like it said to. See more ideas about Gray stained cabinets, Staining cabinets and Gray cabinets. . It is a colortone red stain, from stew mac, and I plan on mixing it with alcohol and rubbing it into the bare wood before spraying nitro. That means a white guitar may eventually turn yellow and, since blue and yellow make green, older blue instruments can eventually turn green. Shop our selection of Polyurethane Wood Finish in the Paint Department at The Home Depot. Make wood grain come alive! Colors + Tints + Stains - order today with StewMAX FREE Shipping! ColorTone 50s Classic Colors Aerosol Guitar Lacquer. This type of wood has high concentrations of tannins, so all the stains come out quite dark. It was a touch lighter than I liked but I thought I'd wait a few years to let it darken up. £1. After some reassurance from online anecdotal advice about making translucent finishes by adding water to latex paints, we decided to give our dream green a try as a watered-down, DIY stain. Warm stains work great to slightly warm up cooler toned stains. Your local Olympic® Paints & Stains retailer can match and/or order the exact color that you desire with the help of the Olympic Paint or Stain color name or number. Plus, how to get it out. To preserve a newly stained piece of wood for as long as possible, the stained piece is often covered with a polyurethane finish. Guitar Gallery Discussion Board Main Menu: The finishing products offered fall into four major categories; aerosol colors, sunburst colors, wood dyes and supplies. With Minwax ® wood stains, there's a color to suit every style. Shop with confidence. dye per 1/2 gallon solvent (increase or decrease ratio to suit need). Pick an inconspicuous spot to test your stains before applying to the entire surface. Because they're liquids, they can be measured precisely for critical color matching—a plus for refinishing and touchup work. Everything in Nitro will have a yellow tint, that to me, was not acceptable. The key to getting good color and coverage with this grey wood stain is raw, light colored hardwood. ColorTone colours are specifically designed for guitars, so if you're after classic sunburst ora vintage tint, you can't go past these great-value stains. We will take a closer look at the process I used for staining the guitar. This takes way too many coats to build up the necessary level of white. The way I achieve this finish is to start out by wiping down the product with white wiping stain. guitar Wood rosette With White Mother Of Pearl. ) Is white "stain" available for this? Is it just a whitewash that I need? Will a lighter or darker piece of wood give better results? How would I (or Warmoth) oil/stain/paint my guitar to look like this when it was finished? I'm guessing that it's swamp ash? Is there an oil or finish that would leave it looking white like this, with the beautiful open grains? After mixing our aniline dyes, it's time to apply the wood dye. Gel stain has its place — on a piece of raw mahogany is, arguably, not it. Es Hollow Body Guitar Kit With White Binding Stock Kits  Also, check out the new Stunning Stains Shots – concentrated pigments ready for you to mix with water. White Guitars, White Guitar Finishes. Em D Em D Beauty I've always missed, with these Step 4: staining the primary color. Old guitars weren't old and faded back then. A sample brush out on your wood is recommended. See Step 1 below to get started! Oil Stain Oil stains are the most widely available and are the type most people think of when they think of stain. Apply any clear coat over the top of the stain for a long lasting, great looking finish to make a beautiful guitar. If you leave it on a stand or on a hangar put some white cotton material (eg pieces of an old pure white T shirt) over the stand or hanger. Next, I tone the product, but not with the stain added to the lacquer. No choice in sheens–only comes in flat. A highly absorbent surface may require more stain than you planned on. 5. The tru oil is going to give an amberish tint to the white pigment; is there no way you can clear coat over it? Mike Learn painted a guitar in that finish for me once; as mentioned, it's dye black, sand back, then a little white mixed into some DBC500 (untinted base coat), but you can add it into clear. Lotus Strat Style Red Stain/White. OIL STAIN vs. The Rust-Oleum 11 oz. New Products for 2019! G5420TG Limited Edition Electromatic® Hollow Body Single-Cut with Bigsby® and Gold Hardware Korina Wood, White & Black: White Korina With No Stain This wood sounds excellent ! This is a custom made guitar made from white Korina. 1 out of 5 by 269. Batching of stain is more crucial. If you want to do a heavy duty cleaning on your guitar, you can use white distilled vinegar -- this is a safe product that won't damage the finish on your guitar. Fender American Performer Mustang Bass Guitar - Rosewood/Arctic White - Fender American Performer Precision Bass Guitar - Maple/Stain Lake Placid Blue  The timeless silhouette of the Gibson Les Paul electric guitar, immortalised in this original Fraidedge design. "Nights in White Satin" is a song by the Moody Blues, written and composed by Justin Hayward. Sherwin-Williams world of color doesn't stop with our paints—our wide variety of stains can enhance and protect any porch, deck, trim or siding as well as concrete driveways and walkways. Begin by inspecting the stain to determine how deep it goes. £7. Giving your home a perfect color palette goes beyond paint. Roman Custom Shop Trans White Finish with Blue Enhancement Quicksilver Pearl White Finish. 26% price drop  Guitar Wood Stain - 5 Guitar Dye Colors In One Easy To Use Very High Quality Guitar Dye I'm not fond of white guitars, but this Arctic White Les Paul with  Mohawk Finishing Products Website. Each stain has already been diluted to the recommended ratio and is more than enough to complete one guitar. $129. During 1963 and 1964, when guitar production was really high, bodies destine to be a custom color often didn't get the yellow stain, Fullerplast, primer, and clear coat procedure. I used the red and blue to create an American flag. That guitar was a '68, so it was only a year old at Woodstock. Let it stand overnight or at least eight hours. Make wood stain? Is it just spilling coffee or tea on a wood table? Actually … no! There’s way more amazing stuff to it! Made from all natural household materials, these quick and easy DIY wood stains are super effective, long lasting, and very low cost! And they are better for our planet as Variance in monitor calibrations can affect the on-screen representations of our actual paint and stain colors. In Stock Aged Vintage White Nitrocellulose Guitar Paint / Lacquer 250ml. In Stock. Available in white with black guitar, ecru with green  You can't alter its color much with stain, but you can darken it. A great book for referencing various blonde Teles from the early ‘50s and ‘60s is titled Norman’s Rare Guitars: 30 Years of Buying, Selling & Collecting by Norman Harris and David Swartz. Dissolve some of your primary color in a new bottle with 10-20ml of hot water. The Vaseline will replace the trapped moisture beneath the furniture's surface during this time. Get those white marks—caused by hot cups or sweating glasses—off your coffee table or other wooden furniture by making a paste of 1 tablespoon baking soda and 1 teaspoon water. 51MIX + SAVE (78). Although the stain can work wonders for the checking, when it has pooled up in the dents they can be over-emphasised and the guitar may end up looking a bit grotty. As you can see from the pictures appears much more gray than the desired black finish. Once it sets, this stain can be almost impossible to remove. Once those are gone, apply a gel stain or equalize the wood density with a washcoat. Knowing how to remove old stains from carpeting can be important for those who want to get their carpets in tiptop shape. Colors are likely to vary with the type, color, grain, porosity, and texture of the wood used. If it is mostly just on the surface, it will be much easier to remove than a stain that has absorbed into the wood. Interior Stain Colors. Instrument makers use a variety of References (1). Try one of these methods for removing—or at least minimizing—water Enjoy the lowest prices and best selection of Gretsch Guitars Electric Guitars at Guitar Center. The Guitar Files: Guitar Fretboard Care  Solar Lux NGR Dye Stains , Salad bowl finish, Rockhard table top finish, lacquers , varnishes, Oil Finishes and Humid or cold weather can cause a finish to turn white or "blush". In this video we take a look at how to do a whitewash or white stained finish with belen's white pickling stain. This unique semi-solid/semi-opaque finish masks the wood grain but allows texture to show through. If the stain has dried and is just on the surface, first try wiping it away with a soft cloth and a mix of 1 part white vinegar or lemon juice and 2 parts water. Pickling stain is simply pigmented white stain designed to be  Oct 16, 2014 CLICK HERE for a video tutorial on How to apply Gel Stain. We left the paint store a bit perplexed, but with one perfect little color sample in hand: Benjamin Moore’s Juniper 2048-20. If you lay enough coats of white stain it will work like paint, just like any pigment based stain. Lastly, I tested out Carbon Gray by Rust-Oluem Varathane which reminded me more of a dark walnut stain with smoky grey undertones. This was my first time using this stain color Skin, food, and cleaning experts weigh in on which household items—and body parts—turmeric will stain. Maple Dye I've never personally seen a guitar that looked like that, or heard of it, and couldn't find any info on it as to whether or not it even has desirable results. But that’s just the beginning. Staining over stain is easy and works beautifully if your applying a dark stain over a lighter stain on raw wood. Though many of our clients use our stain products to stain wooden furniture, our products can greatly enhance the appeal of any piece of wood. Should you have need for a product not shown in the catalog please ask. You can mix 2 or more stains together to make DIY custom stains. It is necessary to sand the guitar prior to adding any color; this will remove any glue or rough surfaces that may show through the stain. Not only do they look great, but they’re extremely easy to apply to any of our kits! You’ll receive a 50ml bottle of cherry red ColorTone stain diluted to the recommended ratio, which is enough to do a full guitar with ease. To do this, you need to remove all traces of the previous stain and finish. We provide the high quality unfinished maple cabinet doors for your kitchens and bathrooms. How to Refinish a Dining Table with Grey Wood Stain Remove Old Stain and Finish. Choose the gel stain option if you want an easy solution straight from the can with predictable color. There are two ways to tackle this task: sanding and stripping. Carbon Gray by Rust-Oluem Varathane. Staining Alder Alder is an under-appreciated wood that takes stain and paint well. Easy to apply and you can built up layers easily. So if you splash a little bit on your white counters or An electric guitar can be cleaned in the same way as an acoustic. But go for the washcoat if you want absolute protection against blotching or plan to use a water-based stain. White Limba is the sap wood of the tree, while Black Limba is the heart wood of the same tree. View all Stains I think it would look nice if I could paint the wood white, but still allow the texture to show through. I was able to colour match the neck and back of the guitar body with a darker stain and still apply enough on the front to make the striping on the the veneer pop. This phenomenon is a simple fact of life and a natural occurrence with aging lacquer. Stunning  Authentic guitar colors mix with virtually any finish. Genuine mahogany also accepts water based stains just fine. This post will help you choose your your stain, or your dye as the case will probably be. It went on fine but as it dried over about 80-90% of the wood there is a white powder look to it. Suggested mix ratio is 2 oz. The satin nitro finish feels nice and comfy from day one. Explore Charlie Battles's board "maple stain" on Pinterest. Gibson Les Paul Special Tribute DC Electric Guitar (with Gig Bag), Blue Stain Double the fun of a regular LP with the double cut, dual P90-equipped Les Paul Special Tribute. Only at Sweetwater! 0% Financing and FREE Shipping for your SJC Custom Drums Navigator Series 3-piece Shell Pack White Stain! Nights in White Satin Chords by The Moody Blues Learn to play guitar by chord and tabs and use our crd diagrams, transpose the key and more. Lotus Strat Style Electric Guitar Black. You can achieve the white stained look by applying the stain and wiping off the excess. While it is always better to clean the carpet when something spills before it leaves a stain, sometimes this is not always possible. I'm going to be staining a yellow birch body that has white binding. If you've already treated an oil-based white-out stain but it's still present, coat the whole area with the detergent and let it soak in for about 5 minutes. In our example here we show you MinWax ebony stain applied on Oak and also Maple. The color is opaque but still shows the grain. Blend Varathane stain colors -- from dark blue to white - for a unique finish that's easy to create. 99. Transparent Finishes Below you’ll see some examples of the different Transparent Guitar finishes we have done on. It was first featured as the segment "The Night" on the album Days of Future Passed. Aerosol, GUITAR TONER Lacquers • UPS Ground Only • Dye won't reach down deep into the pores, so you might still see tiny spots of white showing through. Then add distilled white vinegar to the jar. I used some stain + poly. You'll want to fill it most of the way, do not screw the lid onto the jar. Transcript. In fact, there are numerous correct ways to paint stained wood and the method you choose should depend on the type of stain used, the state of the wood, and whether or not you’re painting a piece of furniture or some other structure. The white is a Minwax Pickling stain. Amazing dyes. This stain is very thick to apply and you really have to wipe the stain into the wood to allow the grain to still show through. Nov 4, 2015 The guitar was clearly built as a showcase piece with its white body, It reportedly still has the stains on the back from Hendrix' colorful shirts,  Guitars. An oil-based stain dries slowly, which allows plenty of time to get the excess removed with a clean cloth before the stain dries. Maple Stain vs. Buy products related to guitar stain products and see what customers say about guitar Photo shows how I used this product to matched the pressed "white  1" Sponge Applicator Brush for Guitar Stains and Top Coats. Stains. Finishing Supplies - order today with StewMAX FREE Shipping! [Intro] |Em |D |Em |D [Verse 1] Em D Em D Nights in white satin, never reaching the end, C G F Em Letters I've written, never meaning to send. A white pigment stain works out to be similar to a white wash. Let the Would like to use a white colored stain for a look like a PRS modern eagle, anyone know where I can pick something like this up at? Ive looked  Oct 25, 2018 The highlighted grain/stain finish is best suited to guitars with a distinct grain pattern . It has been a wonderful guitar. You should avoid most household cleaning products that contain silicone, heavy waxes, lacquer thinner, and bleach. I decided to stain the fretboard a little bit darker and take some of the orange out of it as well. TO USE AS A DYE STAIN – Mix with tap or distilled water for an economical, non-flammable stain. Save guitar wood stain to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. One 2-ounce bottle makes two quarts of stain at normal concentration. / [Verse] Am C G D Am Its been awhile since I could - hold my head up high Am C G D Am Its been awhile since I first s Be careful using guitar stands and hangers too with that white guitar as the black from the stand/hanger will leach into the guitar including the neck. It comes in a glossy white color that dries to the touch in as little as 20 minutes, allowing for fast use on wood, metal, plaster and other materials. I shopped around for quite some time before discovering Stunning Stains. not the case with this guitar. Wood Stain. The products that have made Minwax ® an American icon will add color and beauty to your wood – in oil or water-based stains. Mar 2, 2016 However, we've got the secrets to return the white of your piano's yellowing keys. I purchased my 2013 Les Paul Signature almost exactly 5 years ago. Aspirin. I'll show you how to stain wood to look weathered and old, with nothing more than household items, and with results achieved in a fraction of the ti Don't have white vinegar? . These are the easiest to use because the linseed oil base or “binder” (sometimes a mixture of linseed oil and varnish) allows plenty of time to remove the excess before the stain dries – even on large projects. For my guitar we used a lot or red with a hint of black to make it darker, ratio around 10:1. Our dyes work great as a guitar dye and make for gorgeous guitar stains. Many of the products now offered came from customer requests. How to Relic a Guitar – Guitar Relicing 101. No matter what you’re looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options. Most orders are eligible for free shipping! General Finishes Water Based Wood Stain Application Steps Work in a well-ventilated area. ; Stir stain to reincorporate solids that have settled to the bottom of the can before and throughout the application process. white guitar stain